So you’re thinking about hiring a personal stylist? 
Hiring a personal stylist is an amazing way to make sure that your personal brand is effectively reflected as soon as people see you. Many people may wonder what exactly a personal stylist does so let me give you a few examples:
As your stylist I can:
-Help you develop a style that fits your look and personality
-Make sure you have all the wardrobe staples to enhance those pieces in your closet that you never
quite know how to wear 
-Ensure that your style fits your career, or the career you want
-Teach you how to create these looks on your own
-Create perfect looks for your special events
-Create a personal style manual just for you.
A stylist is an amazing investment, much more affordable than those shopping trips you keep making where you still don’t know how to style the pieces you buy. My job is to show you how to know what pieces work best for you and how to style them a million different ways for maximum use. As your stylist I can be hired for individual events or special projects. I work with a wide variety of clients from stay at home moms, professional athletes, corporations, celebrities, international DJ’s and corporate VP’s. The similarity between all these clients is that they want to look good.
Let’s sit down for a consultation to discuss what package we can put together that is best for you.