Kristian and Kev Take on New York Fashion Week!

Look Who’s Talking About Fashion in GR Magazine…

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Sydney’s landed on the cover and homepage of GR Magazine as they discussed fall fashion and ArtPrize!

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Sydney’s on EightWest: KevCouture Styling Rachel Ruiz

Make Your Wardrobe Pop with Sydneys

Kristian on Sydney’s in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Sydney’s Boutique at Rooftop Couture

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Sydney’s in GRNow

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Sydney’s Clothes in the Carnival in the Spring Shoot”

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Welcome to Sydney’s!

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EightWest: Unique Shopping at Sydney’s Boutique

Rapid Growth Media:
Sydney’s Boutique brings a new shopping experience to Grand Rapids’ Madison Square

Mlive: New Grand Rapids business incubator starts small to revive economy