Sydney’s Soundtrack

The Infamous DJ Blu

DJ photo     As a DJ how would you describe your style?I would describe my style as high energy I like keeping people on the dance floor. I want them to feel like they just left a gym workout when I’m done spinning


How long have you been spinning?

Professionally going on 5 years


How did you get down with Team Sydney’s

KG and I go back I did some events with her at MSU during our undergrad days GO GREEN!


When you’re creating a new mix what inspires you?

Honestly  my mix inspirations range because I enjoy so many diff genres. I’ve done mixes inspired by the weather, movies, books etc.

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me I couldn’t imagine living without it. It gets me though low points and helps me celebrate the high points


What do you want the ladies to get from the mixes you are spinning for us?

Hopefully just a great experience whether she’s using it for a gym workout, to stay awake at the office, or a romantic evening with her man I make them for all occasions so take a listen and enjoy thank you


Mix Archive:

August Summer’s Here Mix:

July Grind Hard Mix: 

June Sashay Chante’ Mix: